Is That Algae On My Roof?

Is That Algae On My Roof Plano Roofer

Is That Algae On My Roof?

The typical homeowner has no idea that algae might exist on his home’s roof. Once in a while a customer will ask a question about algae and its potential impact, yet this is a relatively under-publicized issue. The truth is that algae poses a significant threat to your roof’s visual appeal and integrity.

Information About Roof Algae that Every Homeowner Should Know

Algae can streak your roof’s shingles, causing unsightly discoloration. Plenty of homeowners errantly mistake the black streaks along their roofing as a dissolving of its asphalt shingles. Some think this streaking is an indication that it is time to replace the roof. Even if you don’t mind the unsightly streaking, its presence will lower the curb appeal and perhaps the value of your home. If you decide to sell, you will likely regret not addressing this easily fixable issue.

Algae grows between trees, infecting nearby surfaces like your roof. They make their way to the rooftop in the form of cell clumps or spores. Roof algae usually grows exclusively on the north side of a home where the sun’s rays are comparably weak and moisture content is plentiful. Eventually, it can spread completely across the roof’s slope. Algae can even grow beneath strong sunlight thanks to its inherent dark pigment that obstructs the sun.

Why Algae is Bad News for Your Roof

As time goes forward, roof algae will gradually gnaw at the limestone located in asphalt shingles. The purpose of limestone is to make shingles rigid and reflective. If you let algae grow long enough on your home’s roof, it will eventually weaken the shingles, making your roof and everything beneath it quite unprotected.

The dark pigment that algae uses to defend against the sun’s rays will eventually build up on shingles, causing the roof to reflect less sunlight. As the roof absorbs more of the sun’s rays, the accompanying heat could be redirected into the house, and have a negative impact on your home cooling bill!

Roof Algae Results in Even More Problems

In addition to potentially ruining your roof and raising your cooling costs, roof algae can also cause other problems. The initial algae spores are simply the first wave of organisms to turn your roof into their own home. As time progresses, algae and fungus team up to create lichen.

Eventually, moss forms to create a layer of soil that often absorbs seeds found in bird waste. This occurrence has the potential to allow grass to sprout on your roof’s shingles. If your roof reaches this point, a full roof replacement may be necessary.

Ways to Eliminate Roof Algae

Sadly, algae won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Blue-green algae that makes its way to rooftops is a phylum of organisms that will likely be around for a long time. Don’t try to remove them with a pressure washer. The blunt force of a power washer can damage your home’s asphalt shingles without actually removing the algae. Partner with Elevated Roofing and our roofing experts will apply a low-pressure application of water and bleach that destroys algae while simultaneously restoring compromised shingles.


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